Saturday, August 27, 2011

You Know You Live in Black Bear Country When

The second bird feeder, in 7 months, you had was destroyed by some creature that must have been really hungry and strong.  Hungry because not all animals would attack both a seed feeder months ago (my super cute one that was green wrought iron shaped like a lantern that looked awesome hanging from a tree) and now a suet feeder.  Strong due to the complete crushing of the previously mentioned seed feeder, which I was too sad to photograph, and the cold, hard evidence of the broken chain left on the tree from the suet holder and this:

For days, I didn't even know where the suet and holder had been carried off to, but I had assumed it had been a tasty snack for one of our local black bears.  But, Jimmy found this near the trail leading into the woods from our backyard.  Guess we're all done feeding the birds :(