Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Highlights

We had a fabulous Halloween this year, so I thought I would share the highlights! First, we started out by making autumn cut-out cookies.  My little helper and I made these tasty little morsels:

My little helper sure loved the sugar sprinkles!

Next, Savannah had a blast carving her first pumpkin!  Well, she really supervised my carving while she played with the seeds, guts, and pieces that I cut out.  It was great fun though, and those seeds sure were yummy after we toasted them :)

Our Jack-O-Lanterns

Finally, we went trick-or-treating with the cutest little Minnie Mouse ever!  OK, so I'm a little biased.  But, it sure was neat to see our little girl truly understand this holiday.  We went last year, but she really didn't get the concept.  This year she was all about it though.

You can see our Halloween clings on the window in this one.  Someone is really into grouping things right now ;)

How was your Halloween?


  1. Very cute. Our Halloween was less fun. We had a snow storm over the weekend causing major power outages lasting over four days for most. So no Halloween.

  2. That's really too bad :( We didn't get any snow until today, and just a skiff at that.